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House Regulations

House Regulations

General information

The house rules of the event SEEFELD NORDIC COMBINED TRIPLE provide that visitors are obliged to read the following instructions and regulations of these house rules carefully, especially for security reasons. At latest by using the admission ticket and entering the event site the visitor confirms the knowledge of the house rules and accepts their validity.

Area of validity

The house rules inform and lay down rules of conduct for the entry to and presence on an event site during events. The “event site” includes all areas used for the staging of the event. The event site is entered by passing through the security controls at the entrance and left by passing through the exit.

Purpose of the house rules

The purpose of the house rules is to

  • to prevent danger or harm to persons and objects,
  • to protect the stadium from damages and pollution,
  • to guarantee an undisturbed course of the events.

Access to the event site

Entering the event site is permitted only with a valid entry authorisation (admission ticket, accreditation). The admission ticket becomes invalid after leaving the event site during an event. Some events require leaving the event site due to infrastructural reasons; in such cases the re-entry is guaranteed with an additional marking (e.g. stamp). Within any event access and security controls are performed at all the entrances to the area. If requested, an appropriate proof of identity has to be provided.

Upon entering the event site, every visitor is obliged to voluntarily present his entry authorisation to the safety and security personnel and, if requested, surrender it for inspection or prove his authorisation otherwise. Identity document requirements also apply during the entire presence on the event site if requested by the safety and security personnel. Visitors who fail to comply with these regulations will be refused entry to or ejected from the event site. The validity and usability of the admission ticket arise from the organiser’s general terms and conditions for tickets.

The safety and security personnel is entitled to search persons seeking entrance to the event for dangerous or otherwise unauthorised items. The search also includes clothing worn and receptacles brought in by visitors and can also be carried out with the help of technical tools. Searches of persons have to be conducted by safety and security personnel of the same sex.

The safety and security personnel has the right to deny access to the event site to persons who do not consent to searches or may violate the aims of the house rules due to their personal condition (e.g. due to consumption of alcohol or drugs). The same applies to persons who try to bring dangerous or otherwise unauthorised items (see below) into the event site. In such a case reimbursement of admission fees does not apply. The safety and security personnel is free to decide whether or not access is granted nevertheless if the visitor deposits prohibited or otherwise unauthorised items outside the event site.

Items whose possession is illegal are confiscated and handed to the police along with the personal data of the owner. Items whose possession is prohibited according to these house rules may be deposited by the visitor in places reserved for this purpose under the guidance of the safety and security personnel. A contract of deposit is not concluded thereby. The organiser is not liable for lost, mislaid or damaged items. Items that have not been collected by the end of the event may be disposed of by the organiser or used for another purpose freely determined by the organiser.

Prohibited items are:

  • All kind of legally prohibited items (e.g. drugs).
  • Pyrotechnical items of any kind.
  • Object that can be used as missiles, blunt instruments or cutting and thrusting weapons.
  • Objects with promotional, commercial, racist, sexist, provoking, insulting, irreverent, religious or political imprint or objects that might be adapted to degrade the image of the event (e.g. banners, signs, flyers).
  • All poles made of wood (unless they comply with regulations issued by authorities) or metal. Other poles such as flagpoles made of flexible plastic (e.g. plastic tubes) or telescoping flagpoles as well as selfie sticks with a length of 1.20 metres and a diameter of 2 cm and above.
  • Only frail persons are allowed to bring along canes and other walking aids required as indispensable support.
  • All kind of bulky objects (e.g. prams, bicycles, scooters, rollators) except aids and devices for disabled persons in the zones provided for this purpose.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Glass vessels of any kind (e.g. glassware, bottles).
  • Laser devices (laser pointer) and megaphones.
  • Drones or other flying objects (it is also prohibited to operate drones or other flying objects from outside the event site and fly them into the event site).
  • Animals of all kinds. Exceptions can be made for assistance dogs and guide dogs. Service dogs are also excluded from the ban.
  • Other dangerous items of any kind.
  • Banners and fabric banners without fixed frames are permitted as long as they do not obscure the visitors’ view to the slope, the finish area and the perimeter advertising when mounted within the event site. The safety and security personnel is entitled to remove disruptive banners.

Presence on the event site

Only persons in possession of a valid admission ticket or another entry authorisation (e.g. accreditation) or persons who are able to proof their authorisation to attend the event in another way are allowed to remain within the event site. If requested by the police or safety and security personnel, entry authorisations for the event have to be made available for inspection at any time also within the event site.

All persons entering the event site are required to behave in a manner that does not harm, endanger, interfere or inconvenience others.

Waste, wrapping and empty vessels must not be thoughtlessly discarded but put into the waste containers intended for this purpose at the event site by all persons entering the event site. Thereby, the proper separation of materials that are disposed of must be considered.

All persons entering the event site are obliged to follow the instructions of the police, fire brigade, safety and security personnel, rescue service and the stadium announcer. Visitors who deliberately or negligently violate these instructions may be ejected from the event site by the safety and security personnel or police.

All persons entering the event site must occupy the seat allocated to them and stated on their admission ticket. On their way to that place, they shall only use the access routes provided. For security reasons and in order to prevent dangers, visitors are obliged to take seats other than those stated on their admission tickets – also in other sectors – at the instruction of the police or safety and security personnel.

All gangways, access routes, exits and emergency escape routes must be kept clear.

Regardless of these house rules, additional necessary instructions may be issued for specific situations in order to prevent or avert any threats to human life, health or property. Instructions issued for this purposes by the police or safety and security personnel must be followed.

It is forbidden:

  • to disrupt public security and order,
  • to carry prohibited articles,
  • to inconvenience, scare or endanger persons,
  • to misuse alarm systems, emergency calls or emergency signals,
  • to damage or litter the event site or its infrastructure,
  • to create public nuisance and violate the principle of customs and decency,
  • to behave in a way that contravenes the aims of these house rules (see above).
  • Driving and parking inside the event site is permitted only with a special authorisation. Respective restrictions have to be complied with. Furthermore, Austria’s road traffic regulations apply throughout the entire event site. 


Caution: The event site is in alpine terrain! The visitors have to adapt their behaviour and equipment to the special conditions that prevail in an outdoor winter setting. The spectator area along the race track is in steep wintery natural terrain and accessible by foot or on skis only to a limited extent and at the visitor’s own risk; respective warning signs and barriers are to be observed. The visitor is particularly informed that sound levels can be very high during events and exposure poses a risk of hearing damage/health effects. Especially children and persons with sensitive hearing are advised to take appropriate protective measures. The presence on the event site is at the visitor’s own risk. Liability is excluded in accordance with the general terms and conditions. The visitor is obliged to inform the organiser without delay about any accidents, damages and injuries.


Any breach of the house rules and especially any safety-endangering behaviour entitle the safety and security personnel to eject from the stadium or event site any person violating the house rules. The right to make any further demands (e.g. claim for indemnity) is reserved. Criminal offences and breaches of the regulations will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Audio or visual recordings

The visitor takes note of the fact that occasional visual recordings will be made at the event and utilised afterwards (television and radio broadcasting, photography, video, audio, etc.). Visitors give their explicit consent that recordings of themselves made during or in connection with the event by using any technical procedure available now and in the future may be stored, processed and also used for commercial purposes by the organiser and/or other parties entitled (e.g. television broadcasting stations) without any financial compensation and limit in time or space, unless the usage unreasonably prejudices the personal interests of the visitor. 

The visitor acknowledges and agrees that spectator areas within the entire event site will be filmed for security reasons and in order to punish violations of the law and the house rules.

Visitors are prohibited from transmitting audio and/or visual recordings, descriptions, results and/or statistics of the event in full or in part via internet, radio, TV and/or other present and future media technologies or from supporting others in implementing such activities. Visitors are permitted to take photographs and make filming and video recordings or other audio and visual recordings of the event only for private purposes. Any professional usage of such recordings or the use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Final provisions

These house rules apply to all events within the scope of the FIS Alpine and Nordic Skiing World Cup. The applicable version of the house rules is made available to all visitors in an appropriate manner (publication on the website of the organiser, display of parts of the house rules at the event site or in the stadium).

This version of the house rules is valid for the season 2016/17.